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MIND: PSYCHOLOGY - The Untold Story

MIND: PSYCHOLOGY - The Untold Story

This is a book about the most important discoveries in psychology. Not just the gnawed bones of the studies in a textbook, but what has been left out of what you think you know. From Genius to Suicide Bombers, from Science to Sex, all the best they never told you in school.

• Quest for the Mind Code; how the mind is programmed by the environment.

• New Evidence: How early experience "hardwires" the brain for perception, language, emotion, culture, love, sex.... Experience shapes the emotions in our brains.

• The Brain: How experience controls the biology of the brain: Adrenalin, Cortisol, and Neurotransmitters flood the brain in response to Hollywood horror movies, words, anxiety-producing thoughts, and the girls shrieking “Witch, Witch!” at Salem...

• Mind Control is an everyday occurrence. Psychology’s General Theory of Relativity; Kamikaze pilots, suicide bombers, celebrity, Tank Killing dogs, sex, and Sacred Cows.

• Cogito, ergo, cogito cogito: I think, therefore, I think, I think. The fact that we can think has created the illusion that we do think. Test yourself.

• How is it that the greatest minds in history were able to make some of the most astonishing discoveries of all time when others could not? All of us want to read about the amazing, secret, hidden powers of the mind. This book is often about the opposite; not just the genius of the mind but the other 99.9% of reality.

• MIND is about what has been left out, what others have not told us, in our high schools, our colleges, our psychology textbooks, and our daily news. Albert Einstein, in his autobiography, spoke of the realization of how much is censored from us. This led Einstein to " orgy of freethinking"; About life, freedom, and the ideas they forced him to memorize in his physics textbooks.

• A computer is only an expensive paperweight. It has value only when programs for word processing, spreadsheets, games, etc. are fed into it. The mind is the same. The brain and the computer both have unique properties, but the key is in the learned programs.

• MIND is not for the fainthearted, it is for those who, like Einstein, have already run slam into a reality they never knew existed, and who want to know what they were not told.

If you read each chapter to the end, I think you will see a unique insight from anything you have heard before, solely based on the evidence from psychology. Some of it may be liberating, some of it may painfully clash with what we have been told. Some of it may make you laugh at the extent of human stupidity. Let the chips fall...

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