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Adapt Or Die: A Near-Future Thriller

Adapt Or Die: A Near-Future Thriller

What would you sacrifice to outlive yourself?

A gripping near-future thriller for fans of Michael Crichton's Next or Blake Crouch's Upgrade.

Not far from the Dream City, hidden behind the last cluster of trees, stands a retirement centre called the RAVEN, which somehow keeps out public discussion.

By 2038, Matthew Rowe and Corey “Cosmo” Smalls are just two of the millions who succumb their lives to technology. Driving RAVEN’s autonomous supply van for seven years, Matt, a former soldier of the special navy force, and Cosmo, a therapist who lost his job for psAIch, reconcile that this is their life. Thoughts about preferment are tabooed, lost like the sun behind perpetual clouds. But when a promotion message comes, they’re ready. At least, that’s what they think. Because something is strange about this new position and the pensioners they take care of now. Something’s different—

No, It’s not just different, it’s…


All that silence can’t keep their minds quiet, though. That question is there, deep under their whirling thoughts.

Should they adapt or—

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