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Old Emotions, New Intelligence : A New Hope To Everyday Surviving In A Global World

Old Emotions, New Intelligence : A New Hope To Everyday Surviving In A Global World

Do you know how to transform the right emotions into fuel to thrive in today's unsettling world?
Do you enjoy nature?
Do you know some secrets of the animal world?
Do you know yourself?
Do you know where to take refuge in times of need?

Have you ever felt that emotions and sensations usually pull you down instead of getting up?

What if it were possible and relatively easy to use the right emotions to develop intelligence and thrive in your life, business, and health?

What if I told you that you only have to master 4 emotions, and if you do it right, you are ready for success and high performance?

If you answered "Yes" to at least one of these questions, please read on…

Emotions are proven to be the driving fuel in today's society, but more often than not, it becomes an obstacle that stops people from getting where they want to be.

Inside this book, we will dive deep into the art and science of emotions and intelligence and how to use them to empower one another and help you be in control of your life instead of it controlling and ruling you. Check out what's inside:

• Ancient Emotional Realities – what we can learn from human history and use that information to improve our mentality and quality of life
• 4 core emotions you need to rediscover and master to survive in today's world
• What is a "New Emotional Intelligence," and how to use it to meet the challenges and adapt to the potential of our rapidly changing contemporary environment?
• How to turn bad emotions like anger and fear into positive ones and use them as fuel?
• How to protect yourself from manipulation, gaslighting, and other bad emotional influences?
• 4 emotions you need to thrive and succeed in today's constantly changing natural environment and in the future.
• Scientists vs. Philosophers, who is right about our daily realities?
• This is how you uncover your true human capacity using the core thriving emotions
• How to adapt to rapid human evolution and be ahead of the pack?
• So much more!

And keep in mind that even if you don't feel emotionally powerful or intelligent whatsoever, this book will help you and lead you step-by-step in this new, emotionally thriving life!

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