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Chasing Fate

Chasing Fate

What begins as a budding friendship in their native Nigeria soon sets the stage for more.

The moment Nadia meets Anthony they become fast friends. When it is time for him to return to the U.S. after visiting his family, he promises to help Nadia should she ever get the opportunity to travel.

Three years later, that opportunity presents itself. But the long-awaited visit to the States does not go as planned and Nadia is left to fend for herself. When she finally reconnects with Anthony, they spend a lovely weekend together and all seems fine…until it is not. Anthony is set to marry another, and Nadia is left pregnant and without the man she loves.

Her heartache opens an opportunity for her to find solace with Nick, an American man who gives her everything she has ever dreamt of, including the love she thought she would never have with Anthony. When a car accident takes her husband’s life, Nadia finds herself alone again. But a strange twist of events places her in an awkward position where she is forced to choose between helping the man who broke her heart or losing the most important people in her life.

With more than fifteen years of heartache and a child between them, how will Nadia make this near-impossible choice, and at what cost?

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