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The Hunger & The Hunted

The Hunger & The Hunted

Geoff Cameron is a wealthy business owner, an admirable boss, husband, and family man. Meagan Edmonson is an attractive, flirty, mysterious woman with a dangerous husband. Each is missing something in their relationship. For Geoff, it is warmth and appreciation from his wife, Susie. She has become so busy keeping in shape, taking care of kids, and attending meetings for the fundraisers that fill her time, Geoff has become an afterthought. For Meagan, it is security and kindness as she suffers abuse from her increasingly unhinged, small-town football coach husband, Bobbie.

Their relationship, which starts simply and innocently enough with a chance meeting and an evening of conversation, soon blossoms into a heated and exotic affair. As Geoff and Meagan are drawn inexorably together by what is missing in their lives, Geoff, uses his vast wealth and resources to keep their affair undiscovered. But as each remote and exotic tryst unfolds, an unseen noose tightens.

The stakes couldn't be higher. To be with Meagan, Geoff risks everything: his children, his marriage, and his impeccable reputation as the powerful and respected leader of the company he has meticulously created. To be with Geoff, Meagan is risking her life. Inevitably, Susie's expensive private investigators, and Bobbie's ne'er-do-well friends - along with his own instincts for hunting and killing prey - combine for an unexpected and shocking climax.

What creates irresistible magnetism between people? What can blind them to the danger inherent to their relationship?

Provocative and insightful, compelling and entertaining, The Hunger & The Hunted examines relationships and the human condition in a romantic thriller that will keep you turning the pages - and make you think twice before engaging in a flirtatious, seemingly innocent, conversation with a stranger.

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