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The Last One Out: A Novel

The Last One Out: A Novel

Montana dodges it. Teri relies on its corruption. It baffles Chris. And Lainey wants to believe it still works. Even Lady Liberty gave up on the U.S. Legal System.

Teri Bradshaw finally conquered life; she got rich. Her TSA agents have been robbing airport passengers for a decade. She ships all our stuff down to Nicaragua to resell around the world. But when that country spirals into civil unrest, can her scheme survive?

In the fires of the Nicaraguan revolution, Christian discovered a lost Spanish treasure. It's his ticket out. But the one friend who could smuggle it out got trapped in the U.S. by its failed legal system and the cartoonish new expectation lawsuits.

Lainey, the jilted wife of one of Teri's boyfriends, can prove the sly CEO is a crook. She had to go to Colombia to do it, and now the freedom of expat life beckons. She'll have to decide whether to follow Lady Justice's example or return to the U.S. and risk being The Last One Out.

Follow Victor Adams' hilarious dystopian satire of American life. From a disastrous Disneyland Selfi-Park to tongue twisting corporate sloganeering and 'investment ready' lawsuits. You'll wonder where fiction stops and reality starts.

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