My Best Friend's Hot Brother

My Best Friend's Hot Brother

Secrets, lies, and a shotgun wedding….featuring my best friend’s brother.

I spot him across the bar and my world falls away.
Joe Donavan’s dark eyes that know me too well.
His broad, muscular shoulders I crave to wrap my arms around.

Yep, returning to my old hometown was a bad move.
For a lawyer, I can sure be a dumbass.
If only I could design the terms and conditions for my love life.
Because one glance from Joe’s lustful eyes and my body goes rogue.

I always regretted our past. And deceiving my best friend.
Now her wedding plans are in tatters and I have no choice.
It’s me, him, and one hellish week to create her big day from scratch.
But then I’ll escape this confetti-laced world of tiered cakes and bouquets.
And the throbbing demands of my off-limits desire.

There’s just one little hitch…convincing my completely imploding heart.
This novella is a second chance, small town, happily ever after Romance

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