A Tale of Love and Forgiveness

A Tale of Love and Forgiveness

In the land of India, there once lived,
Two families, who were torn apart by hate, it's believed.
For years they fought, with anger and rage,
And forgot the love, that once was their stage.

But then, a beautiful tale began to unfold,
A tale of love and forgiveness, so bold.
For in the midst of all the hate and pain,
Love found a way, to heal and sustain.

It started with a young man, so brave,
Who dared to cross the lines, and be a slave.
To love and kindness, and to let go of hate,
And in doing so, he sealed his fate.

For in the other family, there was a girl,
With a heart of gold, and a precious pearl.
She saw the kindness, that the young man showed,
And in her heart, a new love began to grow.

And as they fell in love, a miracle occurred,
The families started to see, what they had blurred.
They saw the pain, that they had caused,
And realized that forgiveness, should never be paused.

So they put their anger and hate aside,
And decided to let love and forgiveness preside.
And as they did, a new beginning was born,
A beautiful tale of love and forgiveness, reborn.

For in the land of India, love still reigns,
A reminder that hate and anger, never gains.
But love and forgiveness, can conquer all,
And in its embrace, true redemption calls.

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