Kaytee Cahill

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Kaytee Cahill hails from the picturesque Bay Village, Ohio and is a dynamic alloy of creative genius and illustrious illustrator. An accomplished journalist and photographer, Kaytee's keen observations and vivid imagination have been shaped by her diverse experiences. From playing college softball to mission possible, her adventures often set amidst the backdrop of nature's embrace, manifest her love for friends as well as the exploration of the world's untouched corners. This passion for the unique extends to her charm with adorable animals, with sugar gliders being her favorite.

A true polymath, Kaytee isn't just skilled with a pen and brush—she can impressively solve a Rubik's Cube in under four minutes, leaving many to wonder if there's a hint of magic in her fingers. Speaking of magic, don't be surprised if she dazzles you with one of her signature magic tricks.

Family remains the cornerstone of Kaytee's inspirations. As a proud aunt to two amazing nephews and a wonderful niece, they became the dream behind her celebrated work, "Dash & Vi."

For those who have delved deep into cultural memes and games, Kaytee has a little confession: "I lost the game." But in the grand tapestry of her life and achievements, it's clear she's winning in ways that matter most.

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