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Hello readers, my name is R.W. Dove. I was born in Alexandria Virginia. My family lived in Fairfax Virginia for several years until moving to a small county in Southwest Virginia. I learned to love the beauty of the mountains there. I spent much of my youth hiking and fishing in the Appalachian mountains. The South really has so much to offer.

I lost my mother a couple years after I graduated high school. I learned a lot from her, especially how to cook. I later moved to Utah where I met and married my wife. My wife has been a constant source of inspiration and support. My wife loves my cooking and is always blessing my mother for teaching me to cook.

I believe that life is filled with magic if we just stop to realize and acknowledge it. There is a whole world that goes on around us that many times goes unnoticed. In Gods and Guardians Journey to the Plains of Amar, it chronicles the adventure of a young boy who like many has not had the perfect childhood. He is thrust into a strange and unfamiliar world with many perils. It's a story of friendship and discovering those hidden talents and never giving up. I hope you enjoy the story and know that I am busy on its sequel.

R.W. Dove

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