Lisa Luttrell

About Me

Primary school days spent at Crittenberger Elementary at Fort Knox, Kentucky were the setting for Lisa’s earliest endeavors at writing. Composing poems and short stories on weekends became early favorites. Her elementary school librarian, Miss Sarah Franklin, guided her into reading 500 books from her school library in her 3rd grade year. She kept account of those beloved books on a little ragged notepad which still exists in her possession today. These early writing endeavors would serve as a catalyst to venture into other forms of writing expression at a later age and carry on through the years to come.

As a first-time, published author at age 58, pen to paper has allowed Lisa to create a collection of endearing stories written in a lovely vintage style. These stories have taken her back to her earliest memories of venturing on long walks in the Spring and Fall, admiring the beautiful trees and all of the animals she would encounter and most of all, the beautiful flowers.

Inspirations for her charming stories flourish on her own two-acres of wooded property that are home to a variety of woodland animals, birds and insects. Her Jack Russell Terrier, Scout and her cats, Maximus and Sookie are constant companions and provide many fun ideas and continual big smiles for her.

Lisa along with her husband Tim and her son Logan lives, writes and flower gardens near Kansas City, Missouri.

Story Collection