Deborah Dilks

About Me

My name is Debby Dilks, although I am trying to become accustomed to using my given name Deborah Dilks again. I was born and raised in Northwest Missouri, moving to the Greater Kansas City area when I graduated from high school and staying after I married. My husband and I will soon be married for 49 years. We have two children and four grandchildren. We have many other people whom we consider a part of our family from past foreign exchange students and their families to my former college students and their families.

In 2017 after thirty-three years, I retired from the University of Missouri Kansas City and the School of Computing and Engineering. While there I wore many hats, but the ones I am the most proud was advisor to seven different engineering and computer science student organizations and two different honor societies. One group, the UMKC Robot Team bares my name in their title.

When I retired, I focused upon completing a book about my mother that I started in 2011 while working full-time. My mother believed in me and my writing. She wanted me to write a book about her life while she was alive, but I just wasn’t able to do that. Now I have accomplished that goal and my promise to her but her book was so large I had to divide the book into two separate books. In July 2020 I also wrapped up the final arrangements to have the second book published. In writing two books, I learned that I wish I had taken more writing courses while in college but thankfully I have a good friend to help me with editing and another good friend who helped me with this website.

I like books with a historical background and that is why I have at least three more books with a historical flavor that I plan to write. Watch for notices of them in the future. One of my hobbies is genealogy and that helps me with my book research. I like to write the untold stories of the common, everyday person.

To date, I have written three books (Miss Kansas City Kitty, Mrs. Kansas City Kitty, and From World War II to the Run of the Year) and I have plans to write at least three more books.

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