Adriana Jaymes

About Me

As a lifelong Hudson Valley resident and author with varied interests and background, I lean toward health, alternative healing and true-life experiences. A true glamour girl, I also enjoy all things Alaska, fishing, hiking, skiing, reading, SCUBA, food and travel. ( All while wearing lipstick of course) True crime is my secret fascination.

Since living close to Manhattan provides easy access, day tripping in to be a "tourist is always fun to do. Reading and romance have always been central themes in my life. I'm also a lifelong Realtor, real estate investor, educator and public speaker. Staying engaged in life makes me happy! I'm a mother of one son, an older sister, aunt of many, and love my friends.

A graduate of Marist College, I earned my bachelor's degree in Organizational Leadership and Communications, with a minor in Criminal Justice.

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