Bruce Jones

About Me

Bruce Jones is an SEO scientist, consultant, strategist, and founder of six different SEO companies. He founded and led the digital marketing agency Design and Promote for eleven years before shifting his focus to SEO coaching services and SEO consultancy.

Bruce Jones brings his endless array of strategies and tools everywhere. With two decades of experience in search engine optimization and inbound marketing, Bruce has helped many professionals and organizations reach their goals and scale their operations with time-tested. Google-proven strategies in SEO. Bruce's practice makes it possible for any business, new or otherwise, to gain much-needed visibility online by leading precise and data-driven SEO campaigns. Bruce also prides himself in having mastered both local and global approaches to SEO. He's successfully led numerous global SEO campaigns, proving that the best industry practices in SEO work regardless of region.

At the core of Bruce's SEO brand is the belief that you have to start early to get the desired results. These days, people find Bruce diligently deploying SEO for various digital properties and earning these websites the online profile they need to remain relevant in their markets. Individuals and organizations can contact him through BruceJonesSEO.Com, the central hub for his SEO practice. Bruce's long track record of SEO excellence stems from his business, science, and education background. Despite his busy schedule, Bruce continues to instruct people on the correct ways to employ SEO strategies through his coaching service, 1on1 SEO Training.1on1 SEO Training is Bruce's virtual classroom, where he teaches students once a week through exclusive classes, using only the best-customized SEO curricula to match the competencies and goals of each student.Bruce believes each website has its unique potential, and people learn SEO differently.

By combining his SEO experience with a thorough understanding of how people learn new skills, Bruce can transfer advanced SEO strategies to students with no prior experience in search engine optimization. In addition, his customized SEO classes are also oriented toward practical SEO, making it possible for anyone to make SEO work and grow their business.

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