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Journey Well, You Are More Than Enough

Journey Well, You Are More Than Enough

Journey Well, You Are More Than Enough, (RE)Discover Your Passion, Purpose, & Love of Yourself & Life is a literary roadmap to help you claim your better, brighter life. As the title says, you're not 'enough,' You are More than enough. Do you want to defeat imposter syndrome? Do you want a better life, with more satisfaction and serenity? Are you tired of being sad, frustrated, angry at yourself and others? Are you convinced there's a better way to live? Read this book, use the guidebook, take the online course and you'll feel much better right away. A gratitude journal is also available to help change your mindset and become aware of the abundance in your world.

Journey Well, You Are More Than Enough, is a self-care, self-help, affirmation book and set of tools that will make you feel better about yourself, and help you find the life you deserve.

Journey Well, You Are More Than Enough the book and series confirm that what you've believed for a long time is true: You deserve a better, more satisfying, more fulfilling life. If you've been looking for some validation of that belief, read this book, use these tools.

In Journey Well, we write about your past missteps, and help you see that they were great lessons. Journey Well guides you to a new mindset, a new perception that will change the way you see yourself, and how you live your life. It explains why words are so important, and how positive words must replace negative words in order to alter your perception of this abundant world. The book offers ways to help with self-care, affirmation, and how to silence that harsh inner critic once and for all. Using the Journey Well Guidebook is one of the best ways ever to invest in yourself, and to get the full benefit of the More than enough experience. Purchase the online course as well, and you'll supercharge your journey to a more satisfying life. The Journey Well, You Are More Than Enough, online course is available at our website. It comes with a free downloadable PdF guide, and also offers lifetime access.

Journey Well, You Are More Than Enough guides you toward a better world by giving you power and permission to discard old paradigms that limit you in ways you might not have imagined. One chapter in the book titled Burn the Baggage suggests a novel way to get rid of old errors and embarrassments. Another chapter titled Abundance describes that new world, and shows you that you were right; there is a better way. The book details how your mind receives the information you give it, and why you must feed your thoughts only good, wholesome, positive messages. The final chapter titled Celebrate the New You does just that. For all the hard work you've done, and the way you've invested in yourself, Journey Well, You Are More Than Enough, (RE)Discover Your Passion, Purpose, & Love of Yourself & Life celebrates you, and its authors do as well.


For Byron: How long have you two been married?

We believe we’ve been together forever. Truly we celebrate every month, because we know amazing relationships take dedication to making it the best it can be. March 29, 2022 is 264 months.

For Both: How did that impact the writing of this book together?

Mariah: We had several opportunities of growth in our relationship during this process. Because Byron has written many other works, and published 4 prior books, we knew there would be stylistic workflow differences. One incident comes to mind, we even describe it the book. Our communication broke down and we had to step back and say what’s going on here. Once we realized what had triggered it, and did that together, we were able to incorporate the incident into the book as a teaching moment.

Byron: Additionally, I’ll bring this up for others who may also be neurodivergent. With ADHD I can be scattered, or completely focused on details that may or may not be relevant. We had to factor in and incorporate my idiosyncrasies into the workflow.

For Mariah: You had a career as a nurse. How did that help with writing this book?

I applied kindness, empathy, and compassion to my work, they’ve always been key to my interactions with people, and creating Journey Well, You Are More Than Enough is no different. Patient and family interaction required a great deal of teaching. With any type of instruction, the person/people learning must understand they have a responsibility of choice and decision to whether to implement the instructions, or not. In the book we inform the reader that once they’re aware of how powerful implementing a positive mindset, one of gratitude and abundance is, they then have the choice to change it with the tools and techniques we offer. And that is all based on the decision they choose to make.

For Byron: For whom is this book intended?

People who know there is more to life than they currently experience. So many people are exhausted by the negativity in the media, it’s caustic and they are ready to find a better solution. We want to provide them the tools to make that their reality.

For Mariah: What was your writing process?

I do my best writing in short sprints. Byron can write for hours without looking up from the computer.

For Byron: What do you hope people will take from this book?

My hope is that they come to realize what they experience in their life is their choice. Once they make the decision to let go of the past that’s no longer serving them, they have a wide-open future to a life of abundance of their own creation. We intend to show them this by example.

For Mariah: Why do you think this book is so important/timely?

Many people believe the world is a frantic, chaotic, and fearful place right now. They’re overwhelmed, living their lives from one calamity to the next. Yet it doesn’t have to be that way. With mindset shifts, using gratitude, kindness, and respect for yourself first, then those around you, you can bring positivity into your life.

For Byron: What is the basic premise of the book?

Journey Well offers you a message of hope. Hope for bringing gratitude into your daily life, hope for focusing on what's good, and letting go of the negatives and the cant’s that seem to come too easily. Since we’re immersed in a world flooded with negative messages on social media and elsewhere, Journey Well offers a corrective.

For Mariah: How is the book designed to help people help themselves?

In addition to the techniques, there are action steps for application of these principles. The accompanying guidebook & online course go into more detail and allows people to learn how to successfully integrate the tools into their lives.

For Byron: How can this book be used by loved ones to help those who are struggling?

Journey Well, You Are More Than Enough guidebook (which is free on our website, by the way), provides support for the readers who want to share this message of hope with their people. Its underlying message that it is possible to find abundance right here & now, once we become aware that it does exist. Next, people can learn how to make a better life by integrating the tools. Doing this together builds stronger family and/or community bonds. Book clubs are another way to share the journey.

For Mariah: What role does the guidebook play in the reader's experience with the book?

With the guidebook the reader can do exercises which enhances learning and creates a more vibrant learning experience. The Journey Well, You Are More Than Enough guidebook will help the reader to consider their own life with more depth, as the exercises typically bring about many questions and unresolved issues to review.

For Byron: Why do you feel so many people struggle with issues of self-worth?

From a very young age we’re saturated with messages of inadequacy and incompleteness. Few people, if any, have lived a life free of negative messaging from family, school, organized religions, and peers, much less the barrage we get from social media/TV. We all buy into it, until we become aware. Helping people become aware is the first task of the book. It’s exciting to know that we can help people overcome this through the Journey Well, You Are More Than Enough book, guidebook & online course.

For Mariah: What can parents do from the onset to instill feelings of self-worth in their children?

From the get-go finding things to give sincere praise to the kids. We teach about “Mirror Work” in the book, do this with your kids too. Once they are in school, talk to them about peer pressure and not buying into other people’s opinions. Self-love may be a difficult thing to teach, but it’s not impossible – and it’s essential.

For Byron: What experiences from your own life did you draw upon to write this book?

Having studied under teachers such as Louise Hay & Wayne Dyer, I learned that implementing many of their principles in my life made a positive impact. Recently I began a deeper dive into mindset tools from Neville Goddard and found once I effectively integrated them in my life, the way I viewed life changed. People notice when your energy level goes up, and it does this when we own our value, our worth, and live from a place of deep respect and love for ourselves.

For Mariah: You use two unique phrases in this book: reperception and visioneering. What do they mean and why are they so vital to this process?

Reperception is reviewing the past you currently view as negative using the lens of, ‘what was the lesson in this, what’s the potential good I learned from this’? Once you discern what that was, harvest the good and use the rest as fertilizer to build a beautiful future garden. In other words, quit revisiting the negative past. You cannot change the past, use it for good and move forward.

Visioneering is a process where we see our future the way we want it to be, we fully focus our attention on what we do want in our life, even if that isn’t our currently reality. We know what ever is in our lives today we drew into our lives because we focused our attention on it. The book Journey Well, You Are More Than Enough is a Best Seller because we visioneered it into existence. Prior to 2021 we’d never considered co-authoring a book together, however once we began studying Neville’s principles, we knew we had valuable information that needed to be shared with people, and this book became the vehicle.

For Byron: What is next for you two and the Journey Well series?

We speak frequently on the Journey Well principles and will be doing week-long seminars on cruises. We also have two other books, one that will interest military and one around nursing. Both will be coming out late 2022, early 2023.

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