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Vengeful Strike

Vengeful Strike

Given an unexpected gift, one man has the power to save his kingdom, or damn it.

Life thrown into turmoil when a fleet of ships arrives off the shores of the kingdom of Nottaly with the promise of gold and riches. The king eagerly accepts his new guests, proclaiming them friends. It is a decision that will come to shape generations.

Nottaly is a kingdom constantly at war, so when the king’s champion is blessed with a special sword capable of saving the kingdom, the king turns to Killsmani to lead his armies in one campaign after the next.
Armed with a powerful sword and a host of new allies at his side, the champion quickly discovers all is not well in the heart of Notally.

A coup is underway. The righteous will fall. Champions become disgraced. What was once considered a blessing quickly turns to the very instrument capable of ruining lives.
Seduced by the lure of power and riches, all Killsmani has to do is pick up his sword.

Vengeful Strike is a tale of morality. Given the choice between right and wrong, the promise imbued within the sword will see kingdoms rise and fall.

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