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YouTube Marketing For Beginners

YouTube Marketing For Beginners

YouTube Marketing for Beginners as a unique look into the power of YouTube PreRoll ads.

These ads, if done to perfection, can suddenly enable you to put a 30 second video IN FRONT OF thousands of other videos in your niche that are already getting traffic online.

To make matters even better, with PreRoll ads, you do not pay for the ads unless a viewer has watched your video for a full thirty seconds.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Let that arouse your sense of what is possible in terms of you branding your business hundreds or thousands of times per day for FREE.

Think about what that might lead you to do with that content in the first 10 seconds.

Facebook, once the mighty deliverer of video ad content is now being pummeled by YouTube preroll ads and TikTok.

Facebook is witnessing a massive meltdown and in 2022 the stock price is now down 45% and that has wiped BILLIONS in wealth off of the table.

YouTube marketing is an incredible option and most notable YouTube preroll ads.

This book reveals step by step what is now possible for you!

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