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The Urban Story Caught Up 1

The Urban Story Caught Up 1

Deshawn's crew had been having it good for a long time. They controlled the drug scene in their locality, had all the coke and alcohol they could ever need, hookers and strippers at their beck and call, and money for anything else they wanted.

But a new gang, run by the ruthless Don Li, are now encroaching on their turf and things are getting serious. As Deshawn's crew resist Don Li's ambitions to take over the drug distribution, the once relatively peaceful neighborhood erupts into all out war.

Now, betrayed by a man he once thought of as a friend and facing an uncertain future with his partner B'onca, Deshawn struggles to keep his life from falling apart completely.

His duty to his crew means that he cannot allow Don Li to get away with murder unavenged, but what will it mean for his friends and those he loves? Will any of them emerge from the conflict unscathed?

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Sylvester Murray
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