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The Little Green Armchair and Tales of Echo Forest

The Little Green Armchair and Tales of Echo Forest

A beautiful Spring morning in Echo Forest is the setting for three sentimental journeys of blossoming friendships, courage and enduring love. The Little Green Armchair illustrates how solitude, peacefulness and nature create connections that span a lifetime. In The Windy Day Picnic, Primrose Possum and her little possum family exhibit the extent to which a parent will go to make sure her children are safe at the end of a long adventure. And, finally, Neville, The Thirsty Little Stinkbug provides a little story about how wonderful friendships can be created and blossom out of troubled situations.

The Little Green Armchair propels the reader into a profound connection with nature like no other. Flower seeds and plump acorns are dropped by birds and fuzzy tailed squirrels onto the chair's timeworn fabric and trickle down into its curly metal cushion coils where they stay cozy throughout the winter. Warm sunny days and soft Spring rain showers bring forth from the chair a robust, lush, green forest filled with towering Oaks, Ash and Redbud Trees with their sweet, heart-shaped leaves. Meadows of tall Pink Coneflowers and sparkling White Daisies create a colorful carpet on the forest floor. Reverence, solitude and peacefulness follow us through this tale of a little chair that provided nature with a catalyst to grow and become Echo Forest.

The Windy Day Picnic begins on a beautiful, but windy, Spring morning in Echo Forest. In a hollowed-out Redbud Tree, surrounded by big green Hostas and twinkling white bells of Lily of the Valley, is the cottage of Primrose Possum and her ten tiny possum children. A fun-filled picnic in Echo Forest awaits with juicy apples, toasts with jam, a chocolate bar to share and blackberry tea along with a few adventures for the little family. Our stories heroines, Timothy C. Fox and Mr. Whoo the Owl, step forward in time of need in this sentimental story about a Mother's enduring love for her children, courage and determination.

Neville, The Thirsty Little Stink Bug is plump, bright green and very thirsty after waking from a long nap in his cozy little house! Flying through the fresh Spring morning in the meadow near Echo Forest, he is on a quest to find water to quench his thirst. A beautiful Clematis vine near a large metal bowl of cool water on the farmer's front porch is the center piece of a mishap adventure for the little Stink Bug. Passerby, Nora Bumblebee comes to the rescue, carrying Neville on her back to the lovely flower fields to rest on a big White Daisy. Sharing water and some fluffy, delicious, yellow cornbread found outside at the farmer's barn creates a bond of life-long friendship between the two most unlikely little friends.

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