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How to Trust Yourself and Filter Out the Outside Noise: The Quick Guide

How to Trust Yourself and Filter Out the Outside Noise: The Quick Guide

Do you often change your mind?
Do you often not have opinions of your own?
Do you go with the crowd?
Do you get upset when people say things about you that you don't agree with?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this book is going to be enlightening for you. So often we put so much emphasis on the outside world that we stop paying attention to our inside world and therefore begin to not trust ourselves.

When we feel that we have the mental strength to cope with any life stressors by ultimately trusting ourselves to know we are fully capable of doing so, we realize that we have mastered the skill of filtering out the outside noise.

How To Trust Yourself and Filter Out the Outside Noise is a personal development book aimed to equip beginners with tools and skills necessary to trust the self more. Trusting yourself more enables one to create the life you want by enabling you to have more agency over your own life. The author provides guidance into 10 principles and then provides various skills, activities and resources aimed to strengthen these core principles that aim towards strengthening the trust you have for self.

Quote from the book, " Know that nobody can ever tell you who you are. Only you can tell you who you are...No one knows you, the person you truly are; your hopes, your fears, your desires, your fondest memories, your biggest periods of growth, your true strengths, your pain, your motivation behind why you do what you do; but you. And even then, sometimes we struggle in knowing who we really are. And if that's the case, how can anyone else possibly know".

This is a quote from one of the principles discussed which is inner awareness. A way to find inner awareness is through meditation which the author encourages and recommends the book. Begin your self journey with this quick guide.

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