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Running from Bears

Running from Bears

Everyone yearns for a great escape. But from what?

When a bear attacks, it is fearless and goes straight for the most vulnerable place: the head and face. Isn't that what an abuser does to his victim? He finds the place his victim is most vulnerable and emotionally attacks her, in an effort to impair any defense mechanism she might have. Adriana Jaymes got attacked. But after losing it all as a Manhattanite real estate star in the 2008 financial crash, her awakening in Sitka, Alaska helped her survive and soar with the eagles. Her story is one of profound gain and growth, with the backdrops of glamorous New York and gritty Alaska as her anchor.

Running from Bears shows just how easy it is to fall into a master manipulator's trap, especially if your childhood is full of practice runs. But the courageous disentanglement can be a wakeup call for learning to live deliciously.

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Sylvester Murray
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