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Dani Capello Shadows of Men

Dani Capello Shadows of Men

Dani Capello is a quick-witted sixteen-year-old girl with a knack for getting into trouble. With high school, parties, and college on the mind everything seems normal enough… except one minor detail: her family is in the mob.

After picking a fight with a high-ranking “friend of the family”, Dani is forced to leave home and attend an elite Catholic boarding school. Dani struggles to cope with Willard Academy’s strict rules and religious nature, but finds relief when she meets Emma, Madeline and Whitney, who show Dani the ropes of fitting in, finding parties, and sneaking off campus.

Dani and Emma quickly form an intense friendship and time away from home allows Dani to discover a new side of herself. But as her relationship with Emma grows more serious, it becomes nearly impossible for Dani to hide her family’s secret… and she is forced to confront the very dangerous cost of her family’s criminal activity.

Dani Capello: Shadows of Men is an exciting and unforgettable literary debut about life, love, growing up and finding the courage to live by your own rules.

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