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The Perfect Marriage: Keys to Finding Love & Making It Last

The Perfect Marriage: Keys to Finding Love & Making It Last

Why is the divorce rate so high? What makes the perfect marriage? Why do people get married, and how can we find the perfect person for us and have a happy, successful marriage that will last forever?

This book is a deep analysis of marriage over the ages and discusses what kind of impact family and marriage have on our society, mental health, and overall lives. It is also a guide on how to find the right person, how to communicate well, and attract someone in a natural and authentic way.

Once you’ve found that person, how do you build the blocks to a successful and happy marriage? Learn the five practical points to a healthy, mutually beneficial relationship, what to do when you have doubts, and how to deal with insecurity and assumptions. The Perfect Marriage was written in the hopes that it will help you find true love and be able to stick together until death do you part.

Whether you’re single and looking for love, about to get married, have been with your partner for a while or are on the verge of breaking up and are seeking some help, this uplifting and informative book has something for you.

Author BioHelen OBreary is a loving mother of two wonderful children. She was born in Nigeria and became a Canadian citizen in 2002. She has been in the nursing field for over sixteen years and in her spare time enjoys singing, dancing, and improving her spiritual health. Her passion to see people succeed in their marriages is what gave birth to The Perfect Marriage: Keys to Finding Love & Making It Last.

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