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Learn SEO: Think Like Your Customers to Get More of Them

Learn SEO: Think Like Your Customers to Get More of Them

Learn SEO is the perfect way to learn search engine optimization at your own pace and in your own time. Learn SEO offers Google-proven techniques backed by decades of SEO consulting and agency experience.

1. Start improving your website's SEO today - Create an SEO strategy shaped by your knowledge of your market, enhanced by search engine optimization. Approach SEO from the perspective of a seasoned inbound marketing specialist and SEO coach who has helped innovative companies grow for over twenty years.

2. Build and optimize a customer-friendly website - Employ strategies for on-page optimization to make your pages and content search-engine friendly. Learn how digital marketing agencies perform on-page SEO and use the same methods on any number of websites to get the best results.

3. Finally, understand how Google Search works - A glut of information rarely answers the most critical questions. Get the facts about Google's quality guidelines, significant algorithm changes in the past few years, and what these mean for website owners.

4. Think like your customers - SEO with content and strategy is like a soul without a body. Improve clickthrough rates, reduce bounce rates, and increase sales and conversions through customer-centric SEO.

5. Identify SEO problems on your website and solve them, one by one, and see traffic and dwell times increase over time.

6. Write the best content and design the best pages - Over half the battle for SEO is directing the creation of quality content and other website assets. Improve your content with SEO copywriting guidelines and other content quality guidelines.

7. Perform content audits with the book's step-by-step checklists - Combine your new skills with keyword research and topical development. The goal: be the next guru of content SEO and make your website future-proof.

8. Start a successful link-building campaign - Backlinks are the foundation of off-page SEO. But not all links are helpful or relevant to your website. Backlinks result from the effort, but how do you get there?

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