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La Catrina (The Named Chronicles)

La Catrina (The Named Chronicles)

A family, living in relative peace, find their peace interrupted by the loss of the father. Two years later, in the suburbs of a small town in Texas, plagued by a gang problem, Carmen Rodriguez tries to keep her head up and her nose clean as her graduation looms closer. Sadly, her sense of justice doesn't let her sit idly by while someone's being hurt so one of those things is harder to do than the other.

While she, and her brother, deal with fights along with all the other drama that is synonymous with High School, plans are being made and acted on as her mother is kidnapped the day they were supposed to move out, the day of her graduation, and the day she died for the first time.

Returning as an 'Apelido', a warrior granted power by a connection to a deity or an aspect of said deity, Carmen 'La Catrina' Rodriguez is out for blood.

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