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A prophecy she barely recalls, a mother she never knew, and a love she longs to hold.

Earth witch Lenna Harms has doubled down on her magic studies since solving the complicated murder of a fae woman. Though physically sound and stronger than ever, she grapples with the lasting effects of the harrowing ordeal. Lenna tries to expel the thoughts from her mind to focus on her magic: the struggle with guilt and suspicion after a painful betrayal, an intense romance that no longer seems to be reciprocated, and the fear of battling alone.

However, when she attempts a powerful locating spell, Lenna’s world is drawn back into uncertainty and chaos. A desire to find something or someone Lenna cannot imagine leads her to more questions about her half-fae ancestry she’s only just discovered. With the aid of the man she loves and a charming but dangerous new ally, Lenna must tactfully navigate between enemies on all sides. The pervasive thoughts from her past also grow stronger, rattling her confidence.

If she cannot escape and overcome, Lenna may lose the trail that leads to a prophecy about her birth—and to a reunion with her missing mother—forever.

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