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The Last Invention

The Last Invention

Revenge knows no limits!
In the shadows of the tech industry, a reclusive billionaire by the name of Solomon King hires a young man, Liam Leonard, to undertake a dangerous mission: to spy on a former employee named Moira who has stolen a powerful AI and software that could shape the world in her image. But Moira has her own agenda. She seeks revenge against those who once controlled her. With the stolen technology at her fingertips, she has the power to shape reality to her will. As Liam delves deeper into Moira's world, he realizes that her thirst for vengeance has led her down a dark path, one that threatens to consume everything and everyone around her. Will Liam be able to stop her before it's too late, or will Moira's desire for revenge bring about the downfall of them all?

Could you forget your past to have the future you want?

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