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King's Anarchy (The Million Dollar Scholarship Book 1)

King's Anarchy (The Million Dollar Scholarship Book 1)

There’s no honor among thieves. They should know…

USC professor Morgan Abbott just so happens to moonlight as the ringleader of a secret group comprised of his former students.

You might call them thieves. And you’d be right.

But what started out as a successful business endeavor quickly turns into an all-out war when two of his students cause an irreparable rift among their ranks.

Mark and Amanda are out for blood—and money—and they will stop at nothing to get their hands on the group’s savings account.

But as their feud escalates, the internal war building up in the shadows seems unavoidable, and Morgan, the only person capable of stopping it, watches his grip on the group slip every day.

Meanwhile, an external war brews between the citizens of Los Angeles and the police department, a war that will only be the preface to the Rodney King riots of '92.

Can Morgan and his students survive the two battles? Or will they lose everything in the process, including their own lives?

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